The Bottomless Pit on 8/31


This week’s Bottomless Pit is an “archive edition”, a rerun of a show that ran on March 3, 2012, or “show #37”, as it’s labelled in my hard-drive.  If you heard it before, I have every confidence that you’ll get a kick out of hearing it again.  Rather than completely give away what’s in it, I’ll just say that for the first 40 minutes I play nothing but British records, something highly unusual for the Bottomless Pit.  OK, I’ll identify the first record on the show, it’s “The Worst Band In the World,” by 10cc.  Hopefully, with that teaser, you’re curious enough to check out the whole show, and I hope you will.  That’s “The Bottomless Pit”, Saturday nights at 10 EST on WFUV. 


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