The Bottomless Pit on 7/27


During the last couple weeks there was some confusion about which shows were to run in what order;  I believe that we now have that completely STRAIGHTENED OUT.
So, please join me for this week’s Bottomless Pit with Marshall Crenshaw, on WFUV.  I can almost guarantee that you won’t regret it.
FUV adheres strictly to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, as well they must, BUT, I’ve finally figured out how to play complete albums on the show, and that’s to play them on the Installment Plan, 3 tracks a week.  Starting this week I’ll be using that approach with a favorite album of mine, “The Ventures In Space,” an exercise in futuristic-ness from the guys, and an all-time Classic.  We’ll also hear a big bunch of great new music from my friends The Del Lords, and Willie Nile; they both have great new albums out.  AND, we’ll hear from one of the best record-makers on the Planet, Erykah Badu.
That’s the Bottomless Pit, every Saturday at 10 PM EST, right after Vin Scelsa, on WFUV.


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