The Bottomless Pit on 1/4

2013 is over, I’m OK with that.  On this Saturday night’s Bottomless Pit we’ll bid  a final adios to last year.  It seems like it was a much bigger than average year for Deaths among musical/recording artistes; I covered a few as they happened last year, but it was impossible to keep up.  So for the first show of 2014 I compiled this list:
R.I.P. 2013:
Dick Dodd, Johnny Smith, Marvin Rainwater, Mac Curtis, Bill Allen, Jackie Lomax, Chrissie Amphlett, Patti Page, Junior Murvin, Shadow Morton, Claude King, Annette, Jim Sundquist, Jack Clement, Billy Mure, Jim Hall

It’s only a 1-hour show, so everybody gets one song each, even though many of them deserve entire shows unto themselves..

Anyway, that’s the Bottomless Pit, Saturday night at 10 EST on WFUV
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