The Bottomless Pit on 11/2


This Saturday’s Bottomless Pit (11/2/13) was finished, in the Dropbox, etc., but then had to be re-worked to include an acknowledgment of the passing of one of the Greatest of the Greats, one who’s work I admire deeply, and that’s Lou Reed. I really regret now that I didn’t manage to meet him when I had the chance.

For most of the show, as originally planned, I borrowed my son Dean’s iPod, set it on shuffle, and tried to make sense of whatever jumped out.  (During the show I say that Dean is 15 yrs. old; he’s actually 14.  Oops!)

I’d change my tune about this by the time I was out of my teens, but when I was 14, if a piece of Popular Music wasn’t brand new, of the moment, I’d usually either ignore it or make fun of it.  I’m glad to say that Dean has a better and smarter attitude about music than mine was; his iPod is filled with all kinds of great stuff that I’d never heard before, mostly recorded before either of us was born.  How about that! Anyway, please join me for all that and more, on WFUV at 10 PM EST this Saturday, right after Vin Scelsa, right before Kara Manning.

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