The Bottomless Pit 3/1


I’ve been meaning to do this since back in March 2013 when Canadian music Icon Stompin’ Tom Connors stomped his last stomp; so, nearly a year in gestation, this week’s Bottomless Pit will be a musical salute to the great nation of Canada.

For reasons that I spell out during the show, over the years I’ve had an affinity towards Canada, mostly thought of it as the sane, progressive country to the North. These days with the crack-smoking Mayor, the tar-sands oil production, etc., I can’t help but wonder if sane and progressive aren’t on hold for the time being. 

Nevertheless, Canada remains a fountainhead of great Popular Music and Popular Music artistes. Find out how and why on this Saturday’s Bottomless Pit, at 10 PM EST onWFUV Public Radio

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