The Bottomless Pit – 2/8


There’ll be nothing recorded after 1968 on this week’s Bottomless Pit, somewhat of a departure from usual business.. 

I’ll put the audio spotlight* on a favorite album of mine, “A Tribute to The Delmore Brothers”, by The Louvin Brothers, and we’ll also hear the Delmores themselves, AND some classic Hillbilly Boogie by one of the Delmores’ musical partners, the Great Wayne Raney. We’ll hear why the Delmores and Wayne Raney almost always get name-checked when people talk about the pre-history of Rock and Roll.

And of course there’ll be much more, this Saturday night at 10 EST on WFUV Public Radio

(* “audio spotlight” is a Beatle reference; check out the liner notes to the “Please Please Me” album and see if you can find it..)

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