The Bottomless Pit – 10/4


This week on the show, an overdue tribute to one of the Greatest of the Greats, and one of my favorite musicians of all time, Jazz, Soul, and Funk drummer Idris Muhammad (November 13, 1939 – July 29, 2014). Born (as Leo Morris) into a musical family in New Orleans, Idris had a sound, style, and groove that was utterly distinctive. Hearing Idris Muhammad play the drums makes me want to say God Bless America..

Also, we’ll hear some of the remarkable recorded works of my good friend David Greenberger, of Duplex Planet fame. It’s very moving stuff, and he always works with brilliant musicians.

The Bottomless Pit is still on a Victoria Williams binge of indefinite duration, so we’ll hear at least something from her, and it’ll be great.

That’s 10 PM NY time, this Saturday, and pretty much every Saturday until further notice, on WFUV

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