#392: The EP Collection Out 08/21


Legendary rocker, Marshall Crenshaw, releases his first new CD in more than six years, “#392: The EP Collection.”


“Crenshaw’s music still pops with the same rootsy authority as it did back when record albums were the preferred delivery system of rock ‘n’ roll and a tweet was a tweet.” – Huffington Post

“I’ve been making records for most of my adult life, at this point in time I think that I’ve mostly gotten the hang of it, and I still love doing it.” – Marshall Crenshaw

Track listing:

01. Grab the Next Train

02. Move Now

03. Red Wine

04. Driving and Dreaming

05. Stranger and Stranger

06. I Don’t See You Laughing Now

07. No Time

08. (They Long to Be) Close to You

09. Never To Be Forgotten

10. Right Here Now

11. Didn’t Want to Have to Do It

12. Made My Bed (Gonna Lie In It)

Bonus Tracks:

13. Man With Money (Live with Bottle Rockets)

14. Front Page News (Demo)

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Bottomless Pit- 8/18/15


On this week’s Bottomless Pit we’ll hear the story of ill-fated, and now late, Rock and Roller and recording artiste, Bobby Jameson, whose musical story mostly happened in the 1960s. His life was almost entirely made up of calamity and misadventure, but he made some great music along the way. After he died on May 12, 2015 I wound up reading a blog that he kept for the last six or seven years of his life; I found it pretty riveting..
So there’ll be that and much more, including selections by Bottomless Pit favorites Peter Case, John Hollenbeck, and The Entrance Band, courtesy of my iPod on shuffle..
That’s this Saturday at 10 PM EDT on WFUV (

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