Bottomless Pit – 7/30/16


I just finished prerecording this Saturday’s Bottomless Pit; the show is always prerecorded, btw…
For one thing, the show includes selections by fallen musical luminary Alan Vega. 2016 is really taking a toll on the music world. Sometimes it’s a drag the way time flies. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was hearing Alan’s music and thinking, “This sounds like The Future”, and now he’s gone. He was great..
We’ll also hear The Sensational Guitars of Dan and Dale (they’re great too), Iggy Pop, Gil Evans, and much much more..
That’s this Saturday at 10 PM EDT, on WFUV (

Bottomless Pit – 7/23/16


This Saturday’s Bottomless Pit is another “book of the week” exercise, and another instance of cronyism on the show. The book is “Bobby Rydell: Teen Idol On the Rocks”, written by musician, arranger, record producer, filmmaker, author, and friend of mine, Allan Slutsky. Slutsky and Rydell, as far as the Bottomless Pit is concerned, are a Dream Team. This Saturday I’ll tell you all about it, and play some great sounds from Bobby.
After that we’ll hear as much as I’m legally allowed to play by the great Laura Nyro. If I had my way, “Save the Country” would be the U.S. National Anthem.
And there’s more. Be sure to tune in and find out what, and that’s this Saturday night at 10 EDT on WFUV (

Bottomless Pit- 7/16/16


On this week’s Bottomless Pit I’ll be plugging a book that was written by a friend of mine. I suppose you could call it an hour of “cronyism”. In fact, it’s a book that I bought, read, and loved, and a great one (for my money), called “Small Town Talk”, and the author/crony is Barney Hoskyns. The book came out in June, I think.
It’s an in-depth survey of the musical legacy of the Town of Woodstock, NY, a place that I know super-well; I lived there from 1987 to 2005. Barney’s book struck an emotional chord with me and was a vivid reading experience.
Re: the musical legacy of Woodstock: I could do a few months’ worth of Bottomless Pit shows about that, theoretically. This Saturday on the show we’ll hear lots of beautiful and brilliant stuff by Karen Dalton, Tim Hardin, Bob Dylan, Karl Berger, Sonia Malkine, Levon Helm, various usual and unusual suspects.
That’s this Saturday at 10 PM EST on WFUV (