Bottomless Pit – 7/2/16


I hope you’ll tune in to the Bottomless Pit this Saturday as we celebrate the 4th of July weekend with a summer rerun. This show features all kinds of music that makes me say “God Bless America”, and was originally broadcast on May 16, 2015. Here’s what I had to say about it at the time:

“Record label owner, and controversial figure, Bernard Stollman passed away a few weeks ago, on April 20. He may have been a lot of things, but he certainly was a person with vision, chutzpah, etc. The label he founded and owned, ESP Disk Records, shook up Popular Culture back in the 1960s, and beyond. Records on the label by Albert Ayler, Sun Ra, The Fugs, Pearls Before Swine, et. al., really spun people’s heads around back in the Day, including mine..
On this week’s Bottomless Pit we’ll hear and pay tribute to all of the above and more..
That’s this Saturday at 10 PM EDT, on WFUV (”

Bottomless Pit – 6/25/16


I’ve been spending some of my hard-earned money on recorded music lately, and have gotten some free stuff too. This week’s Bottomless Pit will give an overview of all of the above. We’ll hear selections by Meshell Ndegeocello, Gregory Porter, personal friend of mine Bill Lloyd, other personal friend of mine Steve Addabbo, Marcus Strickland, and a couple of others too, I think.. It’s mostly all new, and newly owned by Me..
That’s the Bottomless Pit, Saturday at 10 PM EDT on WFUV (

Bottomless Pit – 6/18/16


A good friend recently asked me, “Does someone have to be dead to get played on your radio show?”. The answer is, No, Mr. Smart Guy, they don’t have to be, but there are those times when tributes MUST be paid. This week is one of those times; the great Chips Moman passed away on 6/13, and Chips, over the years, did the Human Race many many favors with his artistry and energy. SO, this week we’ll hear lots of essential and eternally-vital records with Chips’s name on them, by artists like Bobby Womack, James Carr, Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin, and William Bell.
Once the tribute-paying is done we’ll hear selections by Karriem Riggins, Bob Dylan, TV On the Radio.. That’s enough, I’ve already given too much away…
That’s The Bottomless Pit, a “weekly roundup of items from my personal record collection”, Saturdays at 10 PM EDT on WFUV (