Dick Wagner Memorial Concert


unnamed (1)Gary Graff wrote a fine article about a show that I was on last night; I agree with every word of it, although he might’ve said a few extra words about the token young people on the show, The Accidentals, who played one song and KILLED the audience, got a standing O, etc., but other than that, again, GG nailed it. Personally, I loved the whole thing. I met a bunch of great people for the first time last night, including Drew Abbott, Brad Whitford, Derek St. Holmes, Tino Gross, Mary Cobra, Danny Seraphine, Jack Douglas, and many more, and really enjoyed visiting with the great Scott Morgan, Johnny Badanjek, Rich Cole, my long-ago Oakshire Ave. neighbor Dennis Burr (great on gtr.), many more.. I dug the great sense of camaraderie amongst everybody on the show, and backstage..
I drove in from Indiana Saturday on a stretch of hwy where there’d been a 150 car pileup the day before, not fun at all; I missed rehearsal and soundcheck, hadn’t even met everyone in the band when the first tune was counted off, and it sounded f#cking right on..
I LOVED playing the 3 Dick Wagner/Frost tunes that I did, and the audience was super engaged…
Extra kudos to the great Ray Goodman for playing and band-leading his ass off, and for inviting me onto the thing in the first place.
Much respect from me to Dick Wagner and to everybody who was part of this… A real keeper for me..
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The Bottomless Pit – 01.10


This week, for the umpteenth time (and counting), it’ll be “All 45 RPM Night” on the Bottomless Pit. All the music that we’ll hear on the show this Saturday night will be AT LEAST forty years old, and that’s a promise. The proceedings will include a now-overdue tribute to the great, and sadly, late Joe Cocker; I have several great 45s with his name on them. We’ll also hear from Buck Owens, Webb Pierce, George Riddle, Red Foley, Eddie Noack, and many many more.
That’s the Bottomless Pit, Saturday night at 10 EST, on WFUV

The Bottomless Pit – 12/20


Please join me this week for the first of two wrapping-up exercises for 2014, both of which will include some Holiday Season music by Kay Martin and Her Bodyguards, The Pogues, and others..
This week I’ll re-cap 2014 from a personal standpoint, talk about some interesting work experiences I had this year, and play some tracks by Drivin’ and Cryin’, Steve Wynn, Kathryn Williams and Neill MacColl, plus lots of others.
That’s the Bottomless Pit, Saturdays at 10 PM EST, on WFUV