Bottomless Pit – 6/11/16


If you like Sturgill Simpson, The Bell-Rays, Dionne Warwick, Chris Dingman, Sonny Rollins, The Launderettes, Hound Dog Taylor, and Walt Dickerson, then be sure and tune in to this week’s Bottomless Pit, because I play each and every one of them!!
I run my mouth too, just the right amount, I believe, but tune in and decide for yourself. That’s the Bottomless Pit, Saturday nights at 10 on WFUV (

Bottomless Pit – 6/4/16


On this week’s show I do a Thing that I haven’t done in a while, but it’s an occasionally-recurring Thing on the program, called “What Might Cub Play?”. Cub Koda was a great Rock and Roller, great raconteur and music scholar; it was really a bombshell when he “left the building” back in 2000. His health was never good, but having a friend pass away was a rare, unusual experience for me at the time. When I first met him he was hosting “The Cub Koda Crazy Show” on WCGY-AM, somewhere in Northern Massachusetts, and when I do the “What Might Cub Play?” Thing I play records that I either heard him play on his show, or that I think he might’ve played. It was a pretty idiosyncratic show and I try to get into his zone. But this time around I stretch the parameters a bit and play some Bollywood Rock and Roll songs; I’m only guessing, but I think that the wild-assedness of this stuff, musically, and sonically, might’ve bent his ears and mind they way it does mine..
So tune in and enjoy the wild rocking sounds of Herbie Duncan, Kishore Kumar, Freddie and The Hitch-Hikers, Asha Bhosle, Portuguese Joe, Mohammed Rafi, and many more. That’s the Bottomless Pit, Saturday nights at 10 EDT, on WFUV (…

Bottomless Pit – 5/28/16


I had a cool and memorable artistic and social experience back in late February when I appeared on the always great and long-lived syndicated radio show “Mountain Stage”. With me on that evening’s program were The Bottle Rockets, a couple of talented young people who call themselves HONEYHONEY, the great Mike Cooley (from the Drive-By Truckers), and the also great Webb Wilder. The program that we recorded in late Feb. was broadcast all over the Country on the last weekend of April, and this Saturday I’ll play a bunch of tracks by each of us on the radio myself, and that’s not all I’ll do!… Tune in or you’ll miss it, and that’d be bad..
That’s the Bottomless Pit, Saturday nights at 10 EDT on WFUV (