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Burning Wood has posted a great article about Marshall’s music. Check it out here


The Bottomless Pit – 9/6/14


Since I first started doing the Bottomless Pit back in 2005 (sporadically, then habitually), there’s been an occasional recurring feature segment on the show called “A Salute To the Fender Stratocaster”. This week’s show is mostly an All-Buddy Holly Edition of the Salute; I figured out a way to do it that is well within the letter of the law, doesn’t violate the terms of the (idiotic) Digital Millenium Copyright Act, which I’m happy about.. The whole time I was putting the Salute together I of course had a giant dumb grin on my face, listening to all those killer BH records that I never tire of. He “invented” the Stratocaster, as far as I’m concerned, and much else.

Then for the last 20 minutes I let my iPod-on-shuffle finish the show, which always seems to work well, at least for me. And hopefully for you too, and that’s this Saturday at 10 PM New York Time, on WFUV.

The Bottomless Pit – 8/13/14


This week’s Bottomless Pit (already prerecorded) is a one-hour salute to one of the Greatest of The Greats, songwriter Doc Pomus (1925-1991, b. Jerome Solon Felder). I had great respect and admiration for Doc and was a friend of his for many years. He wrote and co-wrote some of the best and most beloved songs of all time, and lived a life that was absolutely EPIC.

I encourage you to see, as soon as you can, the outstanding movie “AKA Doc Pomus”, by Peter Miller and Amy Linton. If you enjoy books, there’s the great biography “Lonely Avenue”, by Alex Halberstadt, which is a real spell- binder.

And I hope you’ll listen to an hour of and about Doc, this Saturday at 10 PM EDT, on WFUV (