Bottomless Pit – 4/9/16


I’m on a road trip right now; this week’s Bottomless Pit will be one that I stockpiled before I left. If I wasn’t traveling, of course I’d dedicate the whole show this week to Merle Haggard, play his music, try and do him Justice… Merle is like a Diety at our house. Believe me, there’ll be a Bottomless Pit tribute to him very soon.
This week I revisit the first album by the New Riders Of the Purple Sage. When I was 19 years old I saw them open for the Grateful Dead, with Jerry G. on steel. Just a few weeks ago I took my 17 yr. old son to see them (his idea, not mine) and really loved the whole thing. So they’re on the Bottomless Pit this week.
After that I let my iPod take over the show (again, I was running out the door) and we’ll hear Iggy Pop and Josh Homme, Hilary Hahn, Jackie McLean, Daniel Wylie, and many more.
It’ll be great, so do tune in, at 10 PM EDT on WFUV (

Bottomless Pit – 3/26/16


On this week’s Bottomless Pit, better late than never, we’ll honor the life and legacy of musical genius, brilliant person, and Monumental Figure, George Martin, who died on March 8th. The historical record and recorded evidence tell us that the World might never have had The Beatles at all without him, but that’s only one part of his story. On the show we’ll explore as much of the whole spectrum as we can, and hear some classic recordings by Spike Milligan, the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Cilla Black, The Beatles, Peter Sellers, George Martin himself, and many many more…
That’s the Bottomless Pit, Saturday night at 10 EDT, on WFUV (

Bottomless Pit – 3/19/16


This week’s Bottomless Pit is a mish-mosh, an olio, an exercise in randomness. I put my iPod on shuffle, pushed play and on and on it went. Using my iPod on shuffle to do the show is one of my “go-to” strategies..
Courtesy of the device, the show contains selections by Terry Callier, Yo La Tengo, Gary Clark, Jr., Hasil Adkins, Gladys Knight and The Pips, and many many more.
That’s the Bottomless Pit, every Saturday night at 10 PM New York time, on WFUV (