The Bottomless Pit (2/12)


Q) What do Leiber and Stoller, Merle Haggard, Tom T. Hall, and Bob Dylan all have in common?

A) They’ll all be heard from on this Saturday’s (2/21) Bottomless Pit w/ Marshall Crenshaw, at 10 PM on WFUV (
This week’s show will also feature a tribute to the truly great, and now, sadly, late Lesley Gore.

The Bottomless Pit – 02/14


Last August, while I was in California with The Bottle Rockets, I paid a visit one afternoon to Amoeba Music in Hollywood to shop, and to be filmed while shopping. They have a video feature on their website called “What’s In My Bag”; if you’d like to see a segment of “What’s In My Bag” featuring Me, go ahead and click here.

I had a super-great time at Amoeba that day, and on this week’s Bottomless Pit we’ll take a listen to all of the records that I bought there, including selections by Sun Ra and The Arkestra, The Staple Singers, Lata Mangeshkar, and a good many more. Tune in this Saturday to The Bottomless Pit on WFUV

The Bottomless Pit – 02/07


This week’s Bottomless Pit will include some nepotism, some cronyism, and much more.
Rapper and YouTube star Froggy Fresh is my cousin Rita’s grandson. His records and videos are much loved by the NY Crenshaws, the Dallas Crenshaws, the Michigan Crenshaws, and all the rest, and by millions of other people too. He’ll be heard on the show this week; that’s the “nepotism” part..
I went to my PO Box one day two weeks ago and it was stuffed full of CDs by some of my favorite recording artists who also happen to be friends of mine: Bill Lloyd of Nashville, Viktor Huganet of France, and the great Scott Morgan of Ann Arbor will all be heard on the show; there’s the “cronyism” part. There was also a CD in my mailbox that day by guitar genius Toulouse Englehardt, who I’ve never met and am not related to; he and the now, sadly, late Don Covay are the “much more”.
That’s the Bottomless Pit, a weekly roundup of items from my personal record collection, every Saturday at 10 PM EST on WFUV.