Bottomless Pit – 5/3/14


Wayne Kramer has a great new album out this week, called “Lexington”.  In recognition of that, and of many other things, this week’s Bottomless Pit will feature an hours worth of music with Wayne’s name on it, including as many tracks from “Lexington” as the Digital Millenium Copyright Act will allow..

On the Bottomless Pit we think of Wayne as an asset to American culture and society.  He’s been making the rounds this month doing radio and press for the new album, explaining how the intent of it and the ideas behind it fit into his life story, his life’s work, etc..  We’ll touch on some of that this Saturday, but most importantly, we’ll PLAY THE MUSIC, and it’s great…
That’s the Bottomless Pit, Saturdays at 10 PM EST, on WFUV (
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