Bottomless Pit – 5/10/14


Beautiful Music” was a radio format that flourished for 2 or 3 decades but is now nearly extinct.  This format featured/features the most soporific, vanilla stuff, on the planet by artists like James Last, Mantovani, Frank Chacksfield, Burt Kaempfert, et. al. (lots of Brits and Germans).  I don’t know why but I find this stuff amusing, enjoyable, entertaining, etc., and often seek out “Beautiful Music” radio stations during my travels.  Again, there are hardly any left, for the simple reason that the target demographic is aging out of existence.  

Tune into WFUV ( this Saturday at 10 PM EST for a big fat dose of musical Soma as I do my part to keep “Beautiful Music” alive, if just for an hour..

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