Bottomless Pit – 11/19/16


For various reasons I recorded this Saturday’s Bottomless Pit on Tuesday this week instead of the usual Thursday. Right when I’d gotten the music together and was ready to proceed, I got the news about Mose Allison. I did a 1-hour tribute to Mose back in 2012 and am thinking about re-running it next week..
Meanwhile, this week’s show IS a tribute-paying exercise (minus Mose), because it HAS to be.. Leon Russell, Billy Miller, Leonard Cohen, Al Caiola, all gone within just a few days.. I hated it, and this week’s show is the result.
Please tune in; I think you’ll enjoy the show, or maybe even love it. And that’s the Bottomless Pit, Saturday night at 10 EST, on WFUV (

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