The Bottomless Pit – 6/21


While right in the middle, literally, of recording this week’s Bottomless Pit I learned of the death of Gerry Goffin, who’s truly one of my artistic heroes. It crossed my mind to just rip the whole thing apart and start again, make a full-on Gerry Goffin tribute show; I opted not to do that, but I do pay tribute to him during the show. Gerry Goffin was absolutely brilliant. He’s “gone” now, but the songs aren’t going anywhere, certainly not during my lifetime.

As per my original game plan, during Pt.1 I play some tracks from a couple of favorite albums, by Ricky Nelson, and by Santo and Johnny. Then during Pt.2 and Pt.3 it’s a bunch of new purchases, tracks by Sharon Van Etten, Curtis Harding, the walking horror- show that is Ginger Baker, Sabina, and others.

That’s the Bottomless Pit, Saturdays at 10 PM EST, on WFUV Public Radio.

The Bottomless Pit – 6/7


This week’s Bottomless Pit is pretty eclectic, pretty random, in part because I let my iPod do about 3/5 of the show for me; I patched it into the console, set it on random, pushed play and let the #### fly where it might, so to speak.

So please be sure and tune in for that, plus tributes to two recently deceased musical luminaries, French composer Andre Popp, and Maya Angelou. Plus some great new music from trumpeter/composer Ambrose Akinmusire.

That’s the Bottomless Pit, this Saturday, and pretty much every Saturday at 10 PM EST on WFUV Public Radio

The Bottomless Pit – 4/5

Near the end of last year I did an interview with writer Joe Bosso for an online publication, “Musicradar”:

Joe asked me to name and discuss what I thought were “10 Essential Guitar Albums”. They regularly ask people to address this question; it’s a recurring feature in the magazine (“e-zine”?). Anyway, I love this kind of stuff. It was hard to narrow it down to 10, but both Joe and I were pleased with how the piece turned out.

I decided to do a 2-part audio version on The Bottomless Pit spread over two consecutive weeks, but that didn’t work out (see last week’s show preview, and the week before’s).  Pt.1 ran already, when it wasn’t supposed to, but Pt.2 is coming up this week, and I’m able to give you fair warning about it.  Tune in, if you will, and hear a bunch of guitar players who’ve inspired me (in some instances they’ve inspired me to want to give up!).
 That’s this Saturday at 10 PM EST on WFUV Public Radio (