The Bottomless Pit – 01/31


It’s a (still) New Year; let the tributes to newly-dead Rock and Rollers of 2015 begin.. This week’s Bottomless Pit starts with a tribute to Kim Fowley, a singular and brilliant character. He was only 75 when he died but had a couple lifetimes’ worth of first-hand Rock and Roll stories, and personal accomplishments, as a record producer, manager, songwriter, person who did it all, saw it all, etc..
I’ll also be playing some tracks from the superb new (as of 11/14) album, “Seeds”, by TV On the Radio.
AND I plan on letting my iPod-on-shuffle do at least part of the show for me. What could possibly go wrong?
That’s the Bottomless Pit, every Saturday at 10 PM New York Time, on WFUV.

The Bottomless Pit – 01/24


On this week’s Bottomless Pit we’ll hear Sonnyboy Williamson cursing at Leonard Chess, hear The Bobby Fuller Four doing a shoe commercial, and catch lots more of my and your favorite recording stars, like Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, and of course The Everly Brothers, in unguarded moments and/or struggling to find their way in the recording studio. Yes, that’s right, a whole show of out-takes and things that were saved from the cutting room floor, the wastebasket, or the bulk eraser.
It’ll be fun, and that’s the Bottomless Pit, every Saturday at 10 PM EST, on WFUV

The Bottomless Pit – 1/17/15


I’m wondering if every edition of the Bottomless Pit from now on will have to contain a eulogy/tribute to a musical artist that I like; it’s starting to seem like it.. Anyway, this week’s show contains a eulogy/tribute to Little Jimmy Dickens. It’s too bad that the Digital Millenium Copyright Act only allows me to play 4 songs by him; I have dozens of favorites. Among the ones I ended up leaving out are “They Locked God Outside the Iron Curtain”, “Waitress Waitress”, and “Sleeping At the Foot Of the Bed”. Tune in and find out which ones I opted for..

Also, I’ll take a personal/musical nostalgia trip and recall my experience as a cast member on an episode of “The Adventures Of Pete and Pete”; that was a thing that I loved doing. We’ll hear some music from the show, along with some selections by Mark Mulcahy, Miracle Legion, and a bunch of tracks by the great Syd Straw.

That’s this Saturday night at 10 on WFUV Public Radio