The Bottomless Pit – 12/13


As mentioned last week, this week’s Bottomless Pit is a full-hour tribute to the great, and now sadly late, Ian McLagan. We’ll hear his musical soul-power, of which he had massive amounts, on records by The Small Faces, The Faces, Ron Wood, Rod Stewart, James McMurty, Lucinda Williams, and many more others, including Ian himself (in his singer-songwriter mode).

He was a real favorite of mine, somebody who could play “the phone book” and break your heart with it..

That’s this Saturday at 10 PM EST, on WFUV Public Radio

The Bottomless Pit – 12/6


I have the blues today over the death of Ian McLagan, one of the greatest Rock musicians who ever breathed air..

This week’s Bottomless Pit is a “rerun anthology”, assembled from parts of past shows, because I haven’t had a spare minute during the last two weeks to do a new show; late last night I thought of scrapping the “rerun anthology” and slapping together a quick Ian McLagan tribute, but instead I’ll do a full show on him next week, will have time to do it thoughtfully, etc..

Meanwhile, this Saturday on the show I’ll trace the history of the vibraphone, the history of The Move, and a little bit more..

That’s this Saturday at 10 PM EST on WFUV Public Radio

“Move Now” EP


Marshall’s newest EP in his subscription series is now available. Grab it at the links below and check out the music video for “Move Now”

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