Bottomless Pit- 3/28/15


This may seem a little dark but.. Since forever, people have always placed treasured objects in the graves of loved ones. Besides loving my loved ones, one of the things that’s defined my life has been deriving joy from listening to records like “Walk Away Renee” and “Pretty Ballerina”, by The Left Banke. Those are records that I would take to the grave, and on this week’s Bottomless Pit I’ll play those, and pay my respects to the young genius who brought them into being, the now-late Michael Brown (born Michael Lookofsky).
But mainly this week’s show will be a “Road Trip Re-Cap”. I’ve just arrived home from a hell of a trip around this USA of ours, a trip with lots of high points and memorable moments..
Please join me for all of the above, and a hell of a lot more, Saturday night at 10 PM NY-time, on WFUV (

The Bottomless Pit- 3/14/15


This week’s Bottomless Pit was pre-recorded just before I left on a month-long road trip, which I’m still on. I don’t remember exactly what’s on the show, to be honest. But a great way to find out, for all of us, would be to listen to the program, as I sincerely hope you’ll do. Here’s what I remember about it:
On this show I use a ploy, a tactic, that I list in my notes as “The Car”. There are usually between a dozen and 20 CDs in my car at any given time; I just went out to the car, rounded up whatever was there, and made a show out of it. I remember now that these included CDs by three actual friends of mine:
1) Bill Lloyd (of Nashville)
2) Ray Mason (and The Ray Mason Band)
3) Glen Burtnick, and his great new band, “The Weeklings”..

All that and more, and I’m guessing that I played some Bo Diddley too.
That’s the Bottomless Pit, Saturday at 10 PM EST on WFUV (

The Bottomless Pit – 2/28


Due To my week being especially harried and hectic, this week’s Bottomless Pit is a rerun, and I went WAY back in the archives for this one, from Oct. 2011. The whole show is dedicated to the Girl Group sound and era. This music was created back in the 1960s but continues to cast it’s spell to this day.
I did the show in the first place after having to miss the Lincoln Center concert, “She’s Got the Power: A Girl-Group Extravaganza”, which I’m told was, emotionally and musically, a killer..
Tune into WFUV Public Radio this Saturday at 10 EST to hear The Luv’d Ones, Maxine Brown, Jackie DeShannon, The Shangri-Las, and many more!!..