Bottomless Pit – 8/27/16


This week’s show will be the last Summer Rerun of 2016, and it’s one of my favorite Bottomless Pit shows ever! Ever!!..
This one originally aired on July 6, 2013 and is a salute to the Peacock, Duke, and Back Beat record labels, which were all part of the Don Robey show-business empire in Houston, Texas during ca. 1949-72. It says here on Wikipedia that Robey “reputedly used criminal means, including violence and intimidation, as part of his business model”, but there was certainly nothing nefarious whatsoever about the music, in fact it’s some of the most superb stuff on Earth, at least that’s how we feel about it on the Bottomless Pit. Tune in and have your life enriched by the sounds of The Sensational Nightingales, Willie Mae Thornton, The Blind Boys of Mississippi, Bobby Bland, and many many more, and that’s this Saturday at 10 PM EDT on WFUV (

Bottomless Pit – 8/20/16


This week’s Summer Rerun edition of The Bottomless Pit is one of my all-timebfavorite shows. It was originally broadcast on Nov. 22, 2014.
Here’s what I had to say about it at the time:
<This Saturday is kind of a random anniversary (the 51st), but an anniversary nonetheless, of the death of President Kennedy, one of the sh#ttiest things that ever happened to America. I still remember the day, and the days after, and the way the whole thing felt to me as a 10 yr. old kid.

On this week’s Bottomless Pit we’ll go back to that time period, musically speaking, and actually have a good time doing it, the above downcast-sounding paragraph notwithstanding..

We’ll also hear a track from the new album by Scott Walker and Sunn O))), which is of course a real toe-tapper..

So please be there if you can, Saturday at 10 PM EST, on WFUV (>

Bottomless Pit – 8/13/16


This week’s Summer Rerun-anthology edition of the Bottomless Pit comes from WAY back in the vault, from pre-WFUV editions of the show.
We’ll hear my 55 yr. old self playing selections by Wyatt, Atzmon, and Stephen,
Rocky Bill Ford, Luscious Jackson, Erykah Badu (I think).. That’s all my 62 yr. old self can remember right now, and I’m away from my desk this week..
Anyway, be sure and tune in, and that’s the Bottomless Pit, every Saturday night at 10 EDT, on WFUV (