The Bottomless Pit – 8/13/14


This week’s Bottomless Pit (already prerecorded) is a one-hour salute to one of the Greatest of The Greats, songwriter Doc Pomus (1925-1991, b. Jerome Solon Felder). I had great respect and admiration for Doc and was a friend of his for many years. He wrote and co-wrote some of the best and most beloved songs of all time, and lived a life that was absolutely EPIC.

I encourage you to see, as soon as you can, the outstanding movie “AKA Doc Pomus”, by Peter Miller and Amy Linton. If you enjoy books, there’s the great biography “Lonely Avenue”, by Alex Halberstadt, which is a real spell- binder.

And I hope you’ll listen to an hour of and about Doc, this Saturday at 10 PM EDT, on WFUV (

Rock of the 80s Tour


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Here is a list of the dates for the Rock of the 80s shows that Marshall will be playing. Get your tickets now!

8/7 at Mayo Performing Arts Center (Morristown, NJ) Tickets
8/15 at Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races (Charles Town, WV) Tickets
8/23 at Buddy And Maria Elena Holly Plaza (Lubbock, TX)
9/5 at Eastside Cannery Hotel & Casino (Las Vegas, NV) Tickets
10/10 at The Arcada Theatre (St. Charles, IL) Tickets

The Bottomless Pit – 7/30/14


“At Last”, by Etta James; is it humanly possible to not love that record? I’ll bet that there’s not one living person who’s heard that record that doesn’t love it.. Besides Etta, or I should say “along with Etta”, the person who deserves the most credit for making that record the work of Art that it is would be arranger Riley Hampton, a real Unsung Hero of Popular Music. For a couple of decades he made the world a more beautiful place, lending his artistry to a ton of classic hit records, many of which are lifelong favorites of mine.

The focus of this week’s Bottomless Pit will be a tribute to Riley Hampton, featuring Jerry Butler, Etta James, Dee Clark, and many other legends..

I’ll also wrap up my simultaneous tributes to the great and never-to-be-forgotten Charlie Haden and Tommy Ramone..

And of course there’ll be much much more.

That’s at 10 PM EST, this Saturday, on WFUV